The dream to built a library for internet websites have been achieved and was put into action. As contents could be revised and also deleted so the project was aimed to preserve the data and also to accumulate it. As there are digital researchers or anyone who need the data that are being stored would be the one to benefit and also other people with various reasons. The archiving was then made and the internet archive was already in process for any website and at different times.

This started in the year 1996. When you access the records from the past, you can see their differences from the present. The humbleness of the design before and in today’s has a difference.

There have been 50 million websites that were archived by this effort and has stored 65 billion pages. It does not capture only images but also videos and other objects that are moving. This stored data should be protected and they should not be damaged. This also demands a larger size of storing information as data stored piles up.

The goal of the company also is to have the useful machines that have a low in its cost but also effective and essential in the archiving work. That is why they are on the look of what they could improve and use so that they could perform well and store the data. That is why they have big machines that work for the fulfillment of the goal of the organization.