Because of the effect of using the internet, there has been a study that was conducted in the use of it in the workplace. The Internet is very nice as it could be used by anyone for any purpose also. But as it is one that is needed in the wrk[place s it is normal now that every office has an internet connection. But there are some disadvantages to it. When it comes to devices being used, there are desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

As not all activity is monitored in the workplace all the time so there is also the chance that a worker could use the internet for her personal use. There is a big percentage of workers who admit to using their internet connection for their own while doing work in the office. This then, in turn, have let them have a lower productivity. Some works have become easier due to the desktop and also of using the internet but in turn, have developed the habit of workers to use it for their personal use.

That is why it is important that a company will establish a sound policy on the use of the internet. That is because when they just let their employee do what they like, the productivity level suffers. But when they also have a very strict policy on the internet, it can also negatively affect the employees and they may feel less motivated also to work. That is why the best thing is for the company to develop a balanced policy.