Storing all the archived pages of the internet that was recorded needs additional space as days pass by. Billions of pages that are accumulating need some big space also and so there is a need for it to be provided. In doing it, the PetaBox which is the first and to be made that has the biggest capacity to store data was developed. It has been labeled as the most novel of the storage facilities that have the highest capacity to store data.

This technology was built by the Capricorn Technologies. This was made considering a need for a very big space but also the one that will occupy the very least space. The number three consideration is that it should also use the energy as least as possible. The result is the PetaBox. This has a high density and they achieved the low cost and also use a low power. This was made specifically to be used by the archive. this is a great achievement because the PetaBox allows the processing of data using 2, 000 number of machines with one considered entity or group.

This has proven beneficial as the failure ratesĀ in the disk have been lowered. The heat that also comes from the machine is used in the building so a heating mechanism is not needed anymore. It then makes the administrative costs lower. Now it is combined with an open source to run the software as it is the best available and it is very helpful also in managing the technical difficulties.