The use of internet is beneficial to most people. But did you know that there are also some people who benefit from it in an illegal way? They are known as hackers. They are using their skills to hack important information on the internet. In fact, there were many who became victims of these hackers. Most hackers are very dangerous. If you watch the video below, they could even let a war begin and a nuclear bomb explode. Some of these hackers to be mentioned already passed away.

Kevin Mitnick is known to be one of the most dangerous hackers of all time. The most dangerous thing about him is that he never admitted that what he was doing is hacking important information. He insisted that it was only a part of social engineering which is actually a term that does not exist. He was found out to be an online criminal and was arrested. Matthew Bevan and Richard Price are also dangerous hackers during their time which alarmed their fellow countrymen. All the way from this software. Check this source ZWCAD for you to have a software to use in your engineering projects. This is one of the reliable software to make an easy project.

Another group of hackers known to be the most dangerous hacker of all time is Anonymous or Anon. This group of hackers are truly dangerous because they were able to hack important information which no one is permitted to do so except the  authorized ones. Astra is also one of the most notorious hacker which is very dangerous. This hacker steal necessary information and sell it to others. Gary McKinnon also brought great damage to the US government because he practiced illegal hacking.

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