It is easy to access immediate information of the web and use them at the moment. That is why others may demand the immediate access to the data that is being stored in the archive but it’s not the main goal of the organization. The main goal is to store data and not to lose them so they must be properly stored and taken care of so that damaged are not to be made. The goal is the long-term preservation of the data and not spending many expenses and costs also in maintaining the data.

That is why the data should be checked and verified as they come into the system and are stored permanently. That is why it has allowed its copies of the stored data to be copied by the European Archive and also the Library of Alexandria located in Alexandria in Egypt. This also helps the organization as the copies shared can serve as a back-up.

When a petabyte is to be copied, it needs a one whole week to complete the process. The organization also spend the same time for checking the information.

With the development and changes that are being made so that information could be managed well, it will then be for the future. The PetaBox is now the best that the world could have when it comes to storage. Changes are being made even at the physical office so that it could be improved also the work. You can see the image of the Petabox and it may seem ordinary but now very special.